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    OCCE Mumbai

    Join us at Open Conference on Computers in Education 6th-8th January 2020.
    TISS, Mumbai

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Digital Skills Certificates to Advance Careers

A dynamic platform to issue blockchain-anchored digital certificates.

  • Certif-ID digital certificates allow instant validation of a person’s credentials, transforming the way recruiters look at resumes.

  • Built on blockchain technology, is designed to bridge the gap between educational institutions, experts and recruiters.

  • Certif-ID promotes trust, transparency and accountability across all stakeholders of the technical education ecosystem by taking advantage of the immutable and secure nature of blockchain.

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Certif-ID Experience at OCCE Mumbai 2020

Witness how Certif-ID’s blockchain-powered platform gives educational institutions the ability to effortlessly list courses, create batches and issue digital certificates to graduates.

Date: 6th-8th of January 2020

Location: Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

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Why Attend?
Why Attend?

We are making it better for everyone

  • Certif-ID will be present at OCCE Mumbai 2020, introducing a global networking platform designed to drive collaboration between educational institutes, experts and employers.

  • We are modernizing the student enrolment and certification process systems, redesigning technical training business processes and architecting personalized student experiences – designing digital credentialing service with next-generation technology.

CEO & Co-Founder

Tim Miller

Co-Founder of Certif-ID & VP for Training and HR Development services at TUV Rheinland.

An enthusiastic, driven thinker with a global perspective. His diversified international work experience covers a range of topics from emerging technology and digitalisation of learning solutions to management system certification and product certification, across 25 countries. His focus on breaking down fundamental constraints by applying technology in innovative ways has led him to create a blockchain-powered platform, bridging the gap between 'New Economy' skills and employment prospects.

As the VP for Training and HR Development services at TUV Rheinland and with 15+ years of experience in the Indian and Asia Pacific markets, he is involved in the strategic development of future-ready learning, training and consultancy solutions.

CEO & Co-Founder
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Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Mumbai, India

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