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    Join us at International Petroleum Technology Conference 13th-15th January 2020.
    Dhahran EXPO, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Verifiable Credentials
Verifiable Credentials

Empowering Students to Advance their Academic Accomplishments

Certif-ID makes issuing and verifying digital certificates effortless and reliable by using blockchain technology. Through the Certif-ID platform, educational institutions can:

  • Automate certification processes and issue credible digital certificates

  • Provide secure tracking and authentication of certificates

  • Increase placement opportunities for qualified students

  • Establish a graduate network and connect with industry partners

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Certif-ID Experience at IPTC Saudi Arabia 2020

Witness how Certif-ID’s blockchain-powered platform gives educational institutions the ability to effortlessly list courses, create batches and issue digital certificates to graduates.

Date: 13th-15th of January 2020

Location: Dhahran EXPO, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Why Attend?
Why Attend?

We are making it better for everyone

  • Certif-ID will be present at IPTC Saudi Arabia 2020, introducing a global networking platform designed to drive collaboration between educational institutes, experts and employers.

  • We are modernizing the student enrolment and certification process systems, redesigning technical training business processes and architecting personalized student experiences – designing digital credentialing service with next-generation technology.

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Dhahran EXPO, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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